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Relax in a wonderful luxury home in a stunning setting, where spas, cultural sights as well as recreation and sport activities are in the surrounding area. Some statements made by guests: “My ears ‘hurt’ from the silence”, “it seems like I’m walking in a fairy tale”, “I was flabbergasted in the bedroom, what a view!”. The natural peace and space offers everyone an attractive basis for a relaxing vacation.

Villa Maximus

We have made our Villa radiation free. Internet users can choose between WIFI and cable.


The cosy living room’s main features are a wood burning stove and a five meter long couch. It is a place that invites you to relax and enjoy. We have painted the walls with paint containing nature’s own frequencies taking out stress and give your body the rest it needs. All guests experience this as if they live in a warm cocoon without being triggered by any invisable disturbances.

Wood-room relax chairs

Villa Maximus has two living rooms for your covenience. From the second living area you can enter the garden being amidst the medieval atmosphere with the views on the two towers or origin. In the Middle Ages the castle consisted of four towers. In one of them the first US Dollar was minted. The American adopted the name of the Tollar.


One of Villa Maximus’’ best spots is the balcony. Enjoying eachother’s company while seeing the beauty of nature.


We have six beautiful double bedrooms all with stunning views and their own bathroom. On top floor a relaxed loft setting.


The kitchen is fully equipped and seats up to 14 guests. Upon request a Czech Cook makes your dinner in Villa Maximus. ♦ Whatsapp: +31 6 547 747 40

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