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Grand memories and joy meet at Villa Maximus

Relax in a wonderful 6- bedroom luxury villa where spas, cultural sights as well as recreation and sport activities are all in the surrounding area, and where bonding with your family and friends is made easier than ever!

Packages to combine with your perfect vacation

Active Packages


For water lovers, there is a real swimming paradise in the town nearby called Jáchymov. Suitable for both adults and children, the spa offers a variety of water activities in its aquapark such as whirlpool, waterfall and massage jets.

Winter Sports

Within a very reasonable distance from the villa, you can find multiple skiing parks where winter sports can be enjoyed to its fullest. These parks offer slopes as long as 70km and are suitable for kids, beginners, and professionals.

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding offers all types of physical benefits. Villa Maximus has partnered up with professional horse stalls in the surrounding area so you can enjoy an exciting day with your family and friends on the back of these majestic animals.

Fishing & Canoeing

Villa Maximus is located in the Czech West Bohemia with more than 100 natural lakes in the area. Spend a day in nature while swimming, fishing, canoeing, and enjoying the stunning and breathtaking views of the surroundings.


Relaxing Packages


We have partnered with multiple spas such as Spa Jáchymov. In the medical spas of the very well known ‘Mme Curie’ and the ‘Radium Palace’ hundreds of patients visit daily the spa facilities. The spas are world-famous because they were founded and established by the famous two times Nobel Prize Winner – Madame Curie.


Fresh air, physical exercise and perfect time spent! All of these can be combined when choosing our hiking package in which we will provide you with the best routes depending on the density you wish and we can arrange guided hiking tours so you and your family get around the surroundings and experience breathtaking views.


Golfing is not only a competitive sport for experienced golfers but it is also a great social activity for family and friends. You can enjoy some of the top golf courses near Villa Maximus and we will help you arrange anything from getting the best deals on visits and equipment to hiring professional coaches if needed.

City Tours

For centuries the Czech Republic has been a mixture of European cultures. In cooperation with partners, we can arrange trips to nearby cities (Prague, Karlovy Vary, etc.), castles and other sights of interest. We also provide private rides there-and-back and guided tours. Contact us about this package to learn more about the possibilities.

In addition to the optional packages mentioned above, there are lots of other sports activities to choose from such as monster bikes, aquaparks for kids and more. For more information please use the contact form describing your wishes and we will make sure to arrange the perfect vacation for you and your family or friends.

The ultimate way to bond while on vacation

While staying in Villa Maximus, you’ll be away from all the distractions of daily life, like work, endless phone calls, and all the errands and chores you have to do at home. Take a break from your daily routine and spend quality time with your loved ones while enjoying various activities we have to offer.

The Villa Maximus Experience

The loft apartment with its views on the Bohemian hills gives you the relaxed feeling you deserve!

Fully equipped kitchen, a 12 person seating area, and  relaxing living rooms with digital connections.

With enough space for each and everyone enough to enjoy together or in your own privacy.

Excellent location in the Ore Mountains, near cultural sights, cities and sports activities.

Breathtaking views on ski slopes and spa village. Large terraces for outside seating, and dining.

The ‘Woodroom’, is a place to relax or to be used as kids playing spot! Direct garden access!

Fast Wifi connections and cable internet is accessible througout the villa and its gardens.

Free parking and easy access with a car. Local transport can be provided and car rental is possible.

For a more detailed list of amenities Villa Maximus has to offer, please use the contact form and reach out to us. We will make sure that everything you need is present upon your arrival.

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