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Escape your daily routine and become the better version of yourself. Reach the best suitable mindset and improve your health and lifestyle!

Villa Maximus unlocks endless possibilities to reach personal goals while enjoying relaxation in the breathtaking mountainious surroundings of our wonderful 6-bedroom luxury villa.


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In-House Therapy Packages


What a better way to enjoy your retreat than with fresh sprout juices, nano minerals while getting access to our in-house Photon Therapy machine which activates metabolic processes and supports lyfestyle changes.


Relieve yourself from allergies and detox with our BioEnergetic Imprinter. Along with our sprout juices this is a complete and natural way to encourage energetic stimulation during your stay at Villa Maximus. 


Many people today suffer from vascular diseases, especially the elderly. Nano minerals can be effective for the young and elderly. A variety of nano minerals (gold, silver, etc.) as a part of this package.

Pain Relief

Villa Maximus offers an unique opportunity to use our in-house electro-therapeutic device that combines muscle and neurological stimulations to address pain and reach muscle relief comfortably.


Partner Therapy Packages

Radon Baths

In this package, you’ll enjoy at least 10 radon baths combined with modern methods of physical therapy and rehabilitation, which together will support your body functions. The daily baths of 20 minutes will help you to regain health.


Your well-being is a major part of your healthy lifestyle, therefore, we offer you a chance to pick from a variety of wellness treatments including sauna, salt room, aquafitness, magneto therapy, various massages and more.


Who doesn’t love massages? Massages can heal wounds, relieve pain, tension and generally make you feel better. You can choose from a selection of massages such as hot stone, chocolate and underwater massages.


Locomotive syndrome is a condition of reduced mobility due to the impairment of locomotive organs. Our partners are experienced in treating this syndrome by using shockwave, radio waves as well as doing physical therapy.

In addition to the optional packages mentioned above, there are more than 100 treatments, massages, and therapies to choose from. For more information please use the contact form describing your wishes and we will make sure to arrange the perfect retreat for your specific needs. 

Where improving your lifestyle is made easy…

Do you wish to escape from the city, cars, and chronic fatigue and have a proper rest in nature? We invite you to the picture perfect place that’s one of it’s kind – Villa Maximus Bohemia! Located in the Czech West Bohemia with views from the balcony which go miles away showing bits of the spectacular skiing slopes, medieval towers, and the very famous spas of Nobel Prize winner Mme Curie.

The Retreat for Health and Therapy

For 10 years now, Villa Maximus has been helping hundreds of visitors to improve their health, treat illnesses and diseases, and work towards living a better lifestyle. By working together with our local partners, we have come up with an extensive list of treatments with more than 100 different treatments for rehabilitation and wellness. 

The Villa Maximus Experience

The loft apartment with its views on the Bohemian hills gives you the relaxed feeling you deserve!

Fully equipped kitchen, a 12 person seating area, and  relaxing living rooms with digital connections.

With enough space for each and everyone enough to enjoy together or in your own privacy.

Excellent location looking at the Ore Mountains, near cultural sights, cities, and sports activities.

Breathtaking views on ski slopes and the spa village. Large terraces for outside seating, and dining.

The ‘Woodroom’, is a place to relax with direct access to the garden or to be used as kids playing spot! 

Fast Wifi connections and cable internet is accessible througout the villa and its gardens.

Free parking and easy access with a car. Local transport can be provided and car rental is possible.

For a more detailed list of amenities Villa Maximus has to offer, please use the contact form and reach out to us. We will make sure that everything you need is present upon your arrival.

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