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Luxury retreat in Czech West Bohemia

Relax in a wonderful 6- bedroom luxury villa with a stunning setting where spas, cultural sights as well as recreation and sports activities are all in the surrounding area.

Why choose Villa Maximus?

The villa and it’s stunning surroundings

You will stay in a beautiful villa located in the West Bohemia of the Czech Republic. The views from the balcony go miles away showing bits of the spectacular skiing slopes, medieval towers, and the very famous spas of Nobel Prize winner Mme Curie.

Unesco’s newest World Heritage site

The mining area in the Ore Mountains, in Czech Krušnohoří, has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The mountain range is a unique mountain cultural landscape and was the main European source of silver from the 15th and 16th centuries. The area became rich through the mining of ore. Villa Maximus is located in this unique environment.

“We are Strong Together”

Creating possibilities to help you improve your health is key to us. There are multiple options such as rehabilitation, physical therapy, massages and wellness procedures which are made available in the Mme Curie Spas just a stone throw away from the Villa. In-house we do offer additional self-treatments for people choosing to regain or maintain their health.

Personal Approach

We believe in quality over quantity so we try to keep our groups small. Groups up to 12 people are welcomed so that you get to make meaningful connections, go on nice trips to close by cities like Karlovy Vary and Prague and experience professional treatments in both the villa and various spas in the area.

We cooperate with the best

We offer the best deals in cooperation with local partners in the area – spas, treatment centers, golf courses, guided experiences and a lot more. Whether you want to go sightseeing, visit a spa, or enjoy a monster rolling tour, everywhere you look, the Villa Maximus team has you covered!

Health and Nutrition

Together with nutritionists we have developed a very special program for our guests and you will have the opportunity to try our mineral-rich vegetable juices two times a day. Additionally, you also have an exclusive option to hire one of our professional Czech chefs who will cook your chosen meals with fresh ingredients at the villa. 

Recreational Experience

At Villa Maximus and it’s surroundings you will find multiple options for recreational purposes. If you wish, we can introduce you to our Recreational and Sports Counselor who will take into account all your personal wishes and help you have the time of your life not only emotionally but also physically.

We care about our guests

Prior to your departure, you will receive a detailed program booklet. We want you to have the best time of you life exceeding your expectations. We do our very best to take every special wish into account and deliver it if possible.

A place for natural peace and relaxation

Relax in a wonderful luxury home in a stunning setting, where spas, cultural sights as well as recreation and sport activities are in the surrounding area. Some statements made by guests: “My ears ‘hurt’ from the silence”, “it seems like I’m walking in a fairy tale”, “I was flabbergasted in the bedroom, what a view!”. The natural peace and space offers everyone an attractive basis for a relaxing vacation.

Here’s what our customers say about us

Additionally you have a number of activities to choose from…

Historical and well-known castles, cities and towns to visit

Countless opportunities for swimming in natural lakes

Well-maintained and professional golf courses

Possibility to go fishing and/or canoeing in the Ohre River

Nearby horseback riding in Depoltovice and Perstejn

Hiking in mountainous and breathtaking wooded areas

And a lot more…

The Villa Maximus Experience

The loft apartment with its views on the Bohemian hills gives you the relaxed feeling you deserve!

Fully equipped kitchen, a 12 person seating area, and  relaxing living rooms with digital connections.

With enough space for each and everyone enough to enjoy together or in your own privacy.

Excellent location in the Ore Mountains, near cultural sights, cities and sports activities.

Breathtaking views on ski slopes and spa village. Large terraces for outside seating, and dining.

The ‘Woodroom’, is a place to relax or to be used as kids playing spot! Direct garden access!

Fast Wifi connections and cable internet is accessible througout the villa and its gardens.

Free parking and easy access with a car. Local transport can be provided and car rental is possible.

Villa Maximus is the perfect place if you are…

Elderly (50+)

Most people above 50 years of age want to enjoy holidays that are peaceful and recreational. Villa Maximus offers you a retreat for yourself with various spa and medicinal treatments and breathtaking views everywhere you look. This vacation will get your batteries charged again and let you escape from daily routine.

Groups of family or friends

What could be more bonding and joyful than spending your days with people you care about the most while getting a break from your busy city life. Villa Maximus organizes children’s programs for school holidays. From archery to soccer! For small groups of kids, we organize summer camps where they can also work with us on issues such as behavior and e.g. obesity.

Health enthusiasts

Some say “Health can’t be bought” but we believe that by following a certain process that involves a mix of the right components health improvements can be bought. Over the course of years, Villa Maximus has gained its popularity and many health enthusiasts have experienced major improvements from the health programs by Villa Maximus and its professional partners. 

Maintaining or restoring your health

Health is one of the most important factors for a happy life. Villa Maximus will make sure you get the best selfhelp treatments and healthy foods delivered to you. You can choose from more than 100 different treatments offered in-house or one of the centers in nearby surroundings.

Holistic Lifestyle Coaches and Therapists

You always look for ways to provide your clients with the best experiences. For your lifestyle retreats you can take your customer relationships to the next level by organizing a joint vacation for you and your clients. Don’t worry about setting it all up, we will help you integrate this into your business and provide you with the materials you need.

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