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It is a paradise for hiking, mountain biking, playing golf, tennis, rafting, fishing, cross-country skiing, and skiing. All summer and winter sports are possible in the freshness of the mountains waiting for you to challenge them!

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Snowboard group

The highest ski resort in Central Europe can be found at 1028 m. Boží Dar is situated on the highest mountain in the Ore Mountains the Klinovec (1244 m). This ski resort is very popular among ski enthusiasts because the snow is guaranteed since it has fully automated snow machines. There is also evening skiing on well lighted ski slopes. Cross-country skiers can ski to their hearts content on 153 km prepared trails.


The romantic valley of the Ohře River stretches from Karlovy Vary to Loket and is part of the Slavkov Forest Protected Landscape Area. The deep canyon of the valley was created by the Ohře River. The access to the valley from the Karlovy Vary side is protected by a massive rocky promontory but indisputably the most attractive feature of the valley is the Svatoš Rocks (Svatošské skály). Opposite these rocks you can reach two popular restaurants via a ‘swing’ bridge!

Horseback riding

Beautiful horse farm some 30 minutes from Villa Maximus offers besides summer horseback riding, tasty lunches and afterwards you can cool of in a nice swimming pool!


You can enjoy the best top golf courses near Villa Maximus. In all seasons except in winter the climate with an average of 22 Cᵒ, gives you beautiful golf weather.


Villa Maximus organized for a Dutch kids soccer team a school holiday week. With all kinds of soccer games like ‘Glow-in-the-dark’ soccer in competition with soccer teams. ♦ Whatsapp: +31 6 547 747 40

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