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The famous medical based spas by double Noble Prize winner Mme Curie is situated in the valley between the hills and lights up when the night falls. Jáchymov is a spa city with several world renowned therapies and beautiful spa buildings.

Photon therapy

Light behaves itself in a sort of wave movement, just as sound does. The energy which is being transferred by light carries small parts which we call photons. The biophotons form an energy which is used by all living cells. These cells are being used as control instrument of the internal functional processes. In Villa Maximus we work with state-of-the-art alternative self help equipment. We
will instruct you how to make use of these wonderful machines.

Agricola spa building

Just moments away from the Villa, the spa center offers a range of refreshing procedures suitable for people who do not apply for medical treatments. In the Agricola spa building you can find salt caves, swimming pools, saunas and you can book numerous luxury treatments such as relaxing and chocolate massages.

Sproutlife Juices

When we organize a health week at Villa Maximus, we learn you how to grow sunflower sprouts. You make your own juice by cold pressing them. A source of energy any body needs when following the path to recovery.

Radium Palace

Radium Palace is designed for medical treatments for international clients. Villa Maximus has established a partner program and can arrange treatments in Mme Curie Spa centers. Let us know what we can do for you.

Nano Self Help

Minerals are the source of all physical life and the basis of nutrition. Your body consists of 4% minerals which control every organ and all the electrical impulses in the body. Ask us about these remarkable waters. ♦ Whatsapp: +31 6 547 747 40

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